NAS Martial Arts Tournament - Round 1

Another tournament. This time around, my cousin Jemore competed in Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring. It's an open tournament, so pretty much different styles of martial arts can compete. First time I've been to this and it was interesting to watch especially the "Kata" competition. But I came to support Jemore and of course to capture him in action. Despite not winning both oint and Continuous Sparring, he fought with grace and style which is different to mainstream Karate. It is in Continuous Sparring that I thought he could have won. He fought Ben whom he dominated right from the start. Ben might have had some flurry of punches but really it was all air. But surprise, surprise the score went to Ben. We all thought Jemore won this round but I guess the judges have their own way scoring this match. Regardless he accepted defeat with grace and sportsmanship.  I'm dead straight sure this will motivate him to train harder. NAS round 2 - watch out!