Time for some Mexican

Saturday afternoon. Nothing else to do, after a power nap I woke up and no one's at home. Luckily Apple and Matt were going to this Mexican place at Canterbury and asked me to come along. Just saved me from being home alone...again.

lace is called Al Carbon along Canterbury Road. Apparently it's their last week at the premise and will be moving in the city at Circular Quay. As I went in could smell the roast scent coming from the kitchen. It's not a typical restaurant but it gives you that street kinda vibe. They had live band set up as well which is to my delight. Food was awesome and the tacos were freshly made. 

Pity it's their last week at that premise and will be moving to Circular Quay. Why? It's good to see places like this in the suburb rather than flocking in the city. Anyway, surely will be visiting that place again.