My shift to sony a7ii

My Olympus OMD-EM5 surely was a great camera for my needs. First camera that kicked off my photography journey 3 years ago. Got crazy and bought different primes, 12mm f2.0 up to the razor sharp 75mm f1.8 Olympus. Learnt so much with this camera and for me it was a perfect camera until I delved into wedding and event gigs. So had to make a quick decision and settled with the Canon 6D. This has given me the full frame quality which I used alongside with my OMD. Might look an odd combination for others but I had to make it work as I don't have the luxury to acquire more gears. It worked for me and somehow both cameras compliment each other out in the field.

Then Sony came out with a full frame mirrorless which put most photographers in frenzy, I had to wait before I make that big jump. It was a new system and told myself it wasn't necessary but boy the excitement was overwhelming at times. And so when they introduced the A7II I felt it was time to shift .....and so I did. 

For me it feels like my old OMD (with the hand grip attached) and already at home with its EVF. Definitely the IBIS is an excellent feature but I feel the OMD was slightly better. I'm still struggling with its interface which can be frustrating at times. But once I started shooting I realised I'm heading the right direction. The colour, the IQ and dynamic range, ISO capabilities that this camera produces makes it a perfect fit for my needs. 

So far I have the FE 28mm f2.0, two Canon FD lenses - 50mm f1.4 S.S.C and 135mm f2.8. The 28mm is a great overall lens and reasonably priced. The beauty about the A7II is the ability to use legacy lens. Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus can be scored quite cheaply. I scored both the 50mm and 135mm at AUD 130 and AUD 105 respectively. I let the photos do the talking....

Sony A7II with Canon FD 50mm f1.4

Sony A7II with Canon FD 135mm f2.8

Sony A7II with FE 28mm f2.0

The shift to Sony was seamless as I find similar to my old OMD in terms of how I use the camera. And of course there are more features which I still yet to unravel. Exciting times for all of us photographers with all these cameras coming out rapidly. I might even upgrade later on to A7RII or the new RX1RII. But have to remind myself to hold my horses and just enjoy and explore with what I have...and what I have is simply stunning.