Apple & Matt

Finally my sister and Matt are tying the knot this coming July. They've been together for 6 years and never gone out with anyone until they first laid eyes on each other. And the rest, they say, is history. 

They both share same passion, their love for food and especially 'coffee'. They should have their photos taken and framed at "Starbucks" as loyal customers of the year. Don't forget DVD nights which I sometimes joins in with some tea and chocolate goodies. They've packed their luggage and travelled to different countries. But wherever they venture out I'm certain they will always find a home in each other's arms.

We booked a place for a weekend getaway at the Blue Mountains. We then rushed to Logan Brae Orchards to do the shoot. Thanks to Sam and his great staff at Logan Brae for making us stay for an extra hour to ensure Matt's fully relaxed and not too stiff during the photo shoot. It would have been terrific if we had the sunset as we had an excellent spot. The clouds and a bit of rain spoilt it but then it gave us a different mood to the scene. Nevertheless, we had a fun time and lots of apples during the shoot.